There comes a stage in all our lives when it's natural to think about when we won't be here. We wonder about loved ones and what to leave them.
There are some things, however, that we wouldn't wish to leave them. These include the burden of high funeral costs and the worry of deciding on the funeral arrangements.

Here at R. Fox & Sons, we offer Golden Charter pre paid funeral plans.

No matter how much the Funeral Director's costs may rise in the future, neither you or your loved ones will be asked for a penny more to cover their costs.

Unless you change the arrangements, once you have paid for your Golden Charter plan, that's it, your funeral is paid for.

Golden Charter is an independent company that is British-owned and run. Once a plan has been purchased, your money will be secured in trust and our funeral director's services will be fully guaranteed.

You have the option of easy monthly instalments or a single one off payment.
Finally, when you take out a Golden Charter pre payment scheme, your thoughtfulness will live on forever. A tree will be planted by the Woodland trust and you will receive a certificate as a record of the planting.

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Pre Paid Funeral Plans